MedPhoto fosters a collection/library of photobooks from all over the world featuring photobook as a separate work of art and as a primary frame of reference in photography.

A wide range of artists and works are present in this collection covering different periods and styles, movements or trends, from pioneers with a special role in the history of photography to more contemporary photographers that introduce diverse aesthetic and technical views on how to deal with the medium today. The notions that are brought out in Medphoto exhibitions, such as those of “identity”, “intimacy” and “territory”, are also present in the books’ content, as a part of a coherent narrative concept.

Photobook is seen as a cohesive body of facts, beliefs, periods, while at the same time the procedure of its creation involves people from different disciplines, making this work a collective process that aims at audiences further than photographers. Besides, photobooks function in a totally different way comparing to pictures on the wall, because of their structure, their material and their nature of addressing each time to an individual viewer.

Having in mind the photographic/visual education of photographers, students and others who might be interested, our desire is to create a nomadic and interactive library. That is, a library that will travel, lend books and present books through internet platforms. A library that will be constantly enriched and give reasons for workshops and seminars. This collection will be circulated tο public and university libraries all over Greece, to cultural associations, institutions and book festivals, so that the public will have an immediate contact with publications and works of important photographers. MedPhoto initializes this project in collaboration with the Municipal Library of Rethymno, Crete, one of the most historical libraries in Greece.

Of course, such a library will also contribute to the establishing of a historical/photographic archive, which is of great interest to our perspective.

Adams, Robert | The new west | Steidl

Arbus D, Friendlander L, Winogrand G | New Documetns | MoMA

Arthur, Olivia | Stranger | Fishbar

Baboussis, Manolis | Possessions | Futura

Baldessari, John | Pure Beauty | Lacma. Delmonico, Prestel

Baltz, Lewis | The Prototype Works | Steidl

Bellocq, E.J | Storyville Portraits | MoMA

Becher, Bernd & Hilla | Basic Forms Grundformen | Schirmer Mosel

Billingham, Richard | Ray’s a Laugh | Scalo

Braeckmann, Dirk | Dirk Braeckmann | Koenig Books

Brodie, Mike | A period of juvenile prosperity | Twins Palms Publishers

Brohm, Joachim | Typology | MackBooks

Campany, David | The Open Road | Aperture

Campany, David | A handful of dust | LeBal MackBooks

Clark, Larry | Tulsa | Grove Press books

Clavarino, Federico | Italia o Italia | Akina

Curtis Posever, Verna | Photographic Memory, The Album on the Age of Photography | Aperture

D’ Agata, Antoine | Antibodies | Prestel

D’Αgata, Antoine | Cidade de Pedra | VOID

DiCorcia, Philip-Lorca | Hustlers | Steidl Dangin

Eggleston, William | Los Alamos, Revisited | Steidl

Engstrom, JH | Haunts | Steidl

Epstein, Mitch | Family Business | Steidl

Evans, Walker | Lyric Documentary | Hill Steidl

Frank, Robert | The Americans | Steidl

Fukase, Masahisa | Ravens | MackBooks

Ghirri, Luigi | Kodachrome | MackBooks

Goldin, Nan | The balad of sexual depedency | aperture

Gossage, John | The Pond | aperture

Grannan, Katy | The Ninety Nine | Fraenkel Gallery, Salon 94

Imbriaco, Alessandro | Le Jardin | Actes Sud

Israel, Iaakov | Legitimacy of Landscape |Kettler

Kakulya, Alban & Mingrand, Yann | East of a new Eden | Lars Muller Publishers

Kawauchi, Rinko | Illuminance | aperture

Kertész, André | Mirror of a Life | Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Killip, Chris | In flagrante 2 | Steidl

Koudelka, Josef | Wall | aperture

Lixenberg, Dana | Imperial Courts | Steidl

Lutz, Christian | Protokoll | Lars Muller Publishers

Lyons, Robert and Straus, Scott | Intimate Enemy | Zone Books

Majoli, Alex | Libera Me | Trolley

Marker, Chris | La Jetée – ciné-roman | Zone Books

Marker, Chris | Staring Back | MIT Press

Minda, Beatrice | Iran Interrupted | Hatje Cantz

Mingrand, Yann | Deposit | Steidl

Mollica, Mimi | Terra nostra | Dewi Lewis Publishing

Moraki, Elisavet | Lilium | Futura

Mosse, Richard | Incoming | MackBooks

Nozolino, Paolo | Far Cry | Steidl

Papageorge, Tod | Passing through Eden | Steidl

Provoke | Steidl, LeBal, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Albertina, The Art Institute of Chicago

Ruscha, Ed | Photographer | Steidl

Schmidt, Michael | Berlin Nach 45 | Steidl u esklidsen

Sekula, Allan | Photography Against the Grain | MackBooks

Sherman, Cindy | Complete Untitled Film Stills | MoMA

Shore, Stephen | Uncommon Places | Thames & Hudson

Simon, Taryn | Birds of the West Indies | Hatje Cantz

Soulas, Dimitris | Snapshots. Photographs 1967–1974 | Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Staveris, Spyros | A World without Margins | Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Sternfeld, Joel | On the site | Steidl

Struth, Thomas | Unconscious Places | Schirmer/Mosel

Subotzky, Mikhael | Ponte City | Steidl

Tsiaras, Philip | The Supereal, 1971 – 2009 | Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Wall, Jeff | The Complete Edition | Phaidon

Wessel, Henry | Traffic / Sunset Park / Continental Divide | Steidl

Van Denderen, Ad | Go No Go | Edition Braus

Van Manen, Bertien | Moonshine | MackBooks

10 Aspects of Hellenic Photography. Recent Trends of Creation (1995 – 2008) | Thessaloniki Museum of Photography