MedPhoto Festival is a collective project on photography and visual arts. Through international scale events, MedPhoto aims to encourage the constitution of a cultural/artistic community and the cultivation of a social dialogue.

Apart from organizing exhibitions, MedPhoto emphasizes on the photographic/visual education and on the support of upcoming photographers. Thus, the Festival has initialized its Nomadic Library project. A photobook library which will be circulated tο public and university libraries all over Greece, to cultural associations, institutions and book festivals, so that the public will have an immediate contact with the works of important photographers. Furthermore, MedPhoto every year grants a photography project selected by an international jury through an open call contest and the prize comes with a 3.000€ grant. Crucial also is the role of workshops given by renowned photographers and theoreticians.

KOLEKTIV8, the non-profit organization that implements the above, needs your support. Through donations you can contribute to these attempts.

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