Designated Areas

This project explores the idea of parks and designated green areas within the limits of the Brussels cityscape. Brussels is a city where parks are available and accessible in almost every neighbourhood, as was the dream of king Leopold II, who believed that every citizen has a right of easy access to a certain area in which one can amuse themselves. From big green parks to smaller spaces, the city is filled with areas where people can relax, play, eat, sleep, catch some sun, socialise, exercise and just be in a space surrounded by nature.

However, even though these spaces are “natural” they are completely controlled by the “city”. They are a part of the urban plan, conceived and constructed accordingly to needs and tendencies. They are artificially maintained by the city and they lack any hazardous elements. The only encounters in these spaces are humans and domestic animals.

The exploration of this particular relationship between tamed and untamed environment, the controlled and the uncontrolled, the constructed and the empty, are significant points explored in this work. In order to point out the difference of controlled spaces, I chose to work with two different films, which offer colour alternation and which become a language, engaged on an artistic level, in order to express this idea.