Shell is a photographic project, seeking to reveal the fragile nature of the massive cityscapes along the periphery of Istanbul and ask what the new image[s] of this ancient city might be, as it turns into a megalopolis facing intense social and ecological problems due to unbridled construction projects.

“Serkan Taycan’s photographs represent the shifting identity of a city that is marked by an amoebic, amorphous expansion that its inhabitants have become acclimated to. This acclimation, of course, is charged with a sense of resignation, wrapped in crusted frustration. After all, how could there be a claim of an identity when the periphery is both vaster and more illustrative of the current?”
Merve Ünsal

” In Shell, he shows the seeds of this dystopian melancholy by literally photographing the limits of our growing and building aggression in action. With all the mass migration and (un)urban transformation going on, the periphery of Istanbul’s terrain has changed rapidly. Capturing suburban building blocks, residential skyscrapers and dirt mounds all in isolation, Taycan empties out the landscape only to fill it with a certain kind of aesthetic ugliness.”
Yavuz Erkan – A Walk Out in the Open