Something Prominent

During Medphoto, the first Mediterranean Photography Festival in Greece, the Photographic Centre Stereosis will present as a projection, the new work of eight selected photographers, who approach the current situation in Greece through a more symbolic idea of borders, namely the idea of the urban landscape, as well as the one of internal or personal boundaries and experiences concerning the identity of the new generation.
Stereosis was founded in 1999, in Thessaloniki, and is showing a long presence in Greek photography, forming a creativity core for photographic arts, as well as an important cell for the communication and promotion of creative photography.
In the projection there will be presented works from the following photographers: Vatalahos Christos, Kostikos Thanos, Mandalianou Chrysa, Bardaka Magdalini, Orfanidou Stefania, Pavlidis Kosmas, Pirpili Artemis, Tsakalidis Konstantinos.