Everything is the same but everything is different

Thousands of refugees, more than 150,000 in 2016 attempted the dangerous trip to cross the Aegean Sea towards the Greek Islands in order to reach Western Europe.
Most of them arrived at the islands of Lesvos and Chios.
Hundreds of them died, among them were many children.
The seascape scenery will not be the same anymore.
Everything is the same but everything is different.
The feeling of the presence of the refugees is still strong ,they are still around us.
The beachfront of Lesvos and Chios works like a magnet and attracts a lot of photographers and activists.
The local community became part of this situation by being there helping in every way.
It seems that society is more mature than before in similar circumstances.
Capturing the seascapes where thousands of refugees passed and drowned made me realize that nothing is the same  and everything is different.
Skala Sikamias
Airport area
Agia Ermioni
Megas Limionas