A Polaroid for a Refugee is a photographic project which depicts points of transition in the lives of individual refugees. The Polaroids reflect the inner strength and dignity maintained by refugees during their long and harrowing journeys. For every Polaroid I take, I give one to the refugee as a reminder of the moment, with a simple statement on the back:
“Wherever your destination may be –tell me when you feel you have reached a safe place.”
This is an intention of hope, which sadly for some, may never come.
Since August 2017, I started visiting families who contacted me after arriving to their destination: Mariam’s and Rohina’s families in Austria.
Mariam’s sister Fahima still keeps her Polaroid in her wallet. She was lucky to have been able to save it all the way to Austria after crossing Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Hungary. Unfortunately, Rohina’s Polaroids were confiscated along with all her belongings, by the Hungarian authorities when she was allowed to enter Hungary.

Part II of A Polaroid for a Refugee has in sight all the human rights connotations that started with Part I. Eventually, we may see the two original Polaroids reunited in the place these refugees have chosen to rebuild their lives.