“From There to Here”

Immigration towards Europe is a phenomenon intensified particularly during the last five years, mainly because of the political and social unrest in the Middle East and the sub Saharan African region. Surrounded by war and socio-political turbulence, that is partly the result of unsuccessful previous and present political agendas of the west, the “old continent” now has the important duty to welcome those in search of a safe place to live. Nevertheless, this increase in immigrant arrivals does not have an even pace with the development of right policies for its management. In recent years the UN have reacted by intensifying border control, arresting and expelling migrants or raising walls; an approach that in many cases has not taken into consideration the fundamental human right of trying to live away from poverty and war. My work in documenting the migration crisis in Europe, has embraced the majority of European countries involved in this situation, particularly those that represent the gateway to Europe and those seen as transit points by thousands of people who are looking for a better life, up to the story of the life conditions of some foreign communities in the very European territory. The crisis of the migration phenomenon is a metaphor of our world and its inequalities. The ways of arrival and reception of migrants and refugees in Europe, demonstrate that in our society freedom of movement and the right to a decent life is not the same for everyone and partly reveal how our society, through these inequalities, is trying to maintain its privileges.