Photography for me is the motive to start a unique narrative. The basic element of my aesthetic view is the abstraction and the knowingly creation of narrative gaps. My style is between dream and reality, between the familiar and the completely unfamiliar and strange. This dipolar allows me to doubt the progress of my own story. This situation leads to a balance between what seems like inaction and the dynamics of the story which are continually developing creating the sense but never the precise feeling. Unconsciously, I have connected the notion of narration with the printed book, so, in regard to this, every photograph is a unique word with endless meaning. Keeping the distance from the photographic subject I seek the absence of obvious inductions and the avoidance of direct emotional connection of relief. Under this circumstance, the viewer could be the reagent of the experiment, changing the interaction with the subject, with his personal view and emotions. I apply the same philosophy to most of my work, and especially to video. Leading the audience is almost absent as well as the direct personal references. My interaction with the theme and with the elements I try to point out are intentionally loose. Finally, the connections are made slowly and potentially vague allowing the multiplicity of meaning.