17/11/2015 Kos, Greece. Abdul Hamid Hamo 7 years old, from Alepo at the morgue of Kos Hospital.



Greece has been the gate to Europe since 2009, when the immigration crisis occurred. Refugees from Asia, Africa and the Middle East crossed the Greek boarders either by land or through sea. In the last two years the situation worsened with over 1,023,930 people making their way into the EU. In fear of immigrant invasion and terrorism, 12 razor-wire fences were built by European and Balkan counties. Today, more than 57.000 refugees/immigrants are trapped in Greece. With no efficient action by the EU and while Greece struggles in the middle of financial and social crisis, it seems inevitable to deal with the issue. At the same time and despite people’s efforts refugees/immigrants hardly manage to maintain their basic rights. They have to deal not only with their uncertain future but also with xenophobia, violence and marginalisation.