Cornucopia (horn of plenty) is a personal, on-going artistic research on the Lassithi plateau’s elusive identity. This rich land which has nourished the inhabitants of Crete for centuries, is the same place that – according to the myth – Zeus was born in a cave and – according to another myth – is the bridal bed of Europe. The plateau, similar to other Greek rural areas, has been under economic stress long before the generalized crisis. Young people are fleeting away, and the population is shrinking. As a result, most of the remaining people have become resilient to the ever-diminishing life prospects and live in their own environments. Being born and raised in cities, we photograph this agrarian world in order to understand, hopping in this process to create a puzzle. As reflective practitioners, we persistently confront our experiences of this place, while shaping an unintended path that is open to interpretation.