The Greek Party

Everything starts at home: late 1960s, at Kato Pefki, an area that at the time was a working-class area, a villa was built, that was made of stone and had lawns all around. It had no fencing, based on the American model. The design  was made by the well-known architect Sthenis Molfesis. Because the house was situated at the edge of a copse, it was declared an “illegal construction”  even though it was built with a legal permit and all necessary certificates; however, the legal debate related to the house is still ongoing in the courts. The house differentiated me from the other kids in the neighbourhood and has stigmatised me ever since.
This bipolarity –in and out, legal and illegal, regular and irregular, private and public, good and evil- brought a gradual focus to my fragmented fantasy world. The absence of a fence made me insecure and made me feel a sense of permanent threat from the outside world; this could be the starting point of my project series of greenhouse interiors, some years later – spaces that are protected and totally controlled. I obsessively seek security, when I am exploring the landscapes of the house: under tables, inside clothes, in the furniture. Concurrently, the irregular reveals itself as regular on my lonely wanderings around the outskirts of Athens. The metropolis is growing at a fast pace, with an endless anticipation, an ongoing project, a part of culture that is  fragmented and combines the need for a better life, the loss of identity, the absence of planning organization from the state, arbitrariness: everything must be done in a hurry.
From the other hand, a sterilised, conservative, bourgeois’  regularity that is distancing itself, constantly changing hands, lacking in creativity even in the case of a neutral “patent”. Everything for the future of our children; we can already see the future of our children. There, within these constructions, arises the work of art, which looks like something but means nothing: merely that somewhere there happened to be a house made of stone, with lawns and no fences, at the wrong time and in the wrong place.