This photograph belongs to the broader series “As Wildflowers Grow”. Many people hold the certainty, as if it is an unbreakable law, that anything born, will flourish and subsequently decline either to permanently vanish or to be reborn. The course of life and civilisation follows the aforementioned pattern. Nevertheless, something that seems decadent may have a life of its own, a will of its own and flourish by its own. It may be living, claiming the space and the attention that it deserves and at the same time questioning and mocking the concepts of progress and evolution. After all, the life style trash, the role models that have declined, have their own echo and their landfill dumpster. Athinon Avenue, a central highway of a big city, surrounded by factories, warehouses and second class nightclubs, that nobody could think of as inhabited, is one of the places where “wild flowers grow”.