Athens is a city steeped in history, in the process of unraveling its most recent chapter of financial crisis and an economy being driven underground. Time has frozen. People stand like statues, as if the whole city is part of a children’s game. Unable to move until something happens. I try to create pictures that mute the chaos of the modern world and show how life in Athens has come to a standstill.
These pictures may not be a pure documentation of what is real; instead I have chosen to embark on a journey that is more internal. I attempt to create the feeling that someone has just after waking up from a dream. Without being able to recall an exact sequence. But having only a tangled collection of moments and feelings about what he experienced. Ι am pursuing a form that is open-ended, almost deliberately ambiguous – one that will engage the viewers and perhaps even leave them with more questions than answers.
In an almost secretive way, I choose to keep my distance. Creating blurry, grainy and sometimes even out of focus images of people as I attempt to steal their moments and make them mine. Other times by the use of flash, I am trying to make myself present. However I do not confront my subject. The flash serves its own purpose; illuminating without revealing too much about the person or their precise activity.
My work “Athens” is an effort to evoke the spirit of the city. I become a tourist; eager to rediscover the identity of the place I grew up in which still haunts me.